About iMacam

We develop & distribute industry-leading Image Databasing and Data Integration Software, and Retinal Camera Adapters to optimize the quality and functionality of your ophthalmic practice.

No modern medical imaging device can run effectively without good software to acquire and database images. Our iMACAM software was developed in France in the mid 90’s and has matured into one of the most robust and intuitive programs available. With over 20 years experience and 500 non-mydriatic cameras sold to date, Carolina Ophthalmics has streamlined this software product to work seamlessly in any office, with any equipment.

In that time, the basic engineering of retinal cameras has changed very little, yet the price of retinal cameras continues to rise! Adapting a doctor’s existing retinal camera is almost a third the price of a completely new digital package. Not to mention, the same digital backend is being used on both the new and the upgraded cameras, resulting in images that are virtually indistinguishable from each other.

We’re not only bringing your retinal cameras up to date either! With our other software, iPAPERLESS, we are able to cut down on (if not eliminate) physical reports by catching the data from your print-only machines, digitizing it, and integrating it into your databases and even linking with your EMRs. 

Our goal is to bring you to the cutting edge, while saving you money.

Contact us today to learn more about how our software, products, and services will bring your office up-to-date and even into the future without breaking the bank.

Our Founder

In 1995 Jay Roberson, of Carolina Ophthalmics, discovered a commonality in most retinal cameras that could allow them to easily be retrofit with newer, digital cameras.

Jay had had plenty of experience and fantastic success selling Canon’s first Analog Retinal Cameras. Once they released the EOS series of digital cameras in 2001, he realized this was the perfect, cost-effective interface for a retrofit adapter! With the help of some retired Kodak engineers, the iMACAM Digital Adapters-retrofit adapters then went into production.

To this day, Jay continues to funnel his expertise into iMACAM. Whether in the production of retrofit adapters or new features in our iMACAM and iPAPERLESS softwares, you can be assured that you’ve got the best in the business driving the production & development of our products and services.