Alongside our iMACAM software, we offer a wide range of solutions for your ophthalmic hardware needs.

Retinal Camera Upgrade Adapters

Of all the digital upgrades in the market, iMACAM Retinal Camera Digital Adapters for Mydriatic and Non-Mydriatic Retinal Cameras offer the highest resolution and east of operation while being the most economical, cosmetically appealing, and portable option available!

The retinal camera has not changed since it was first adopted in the early 20th century. So you don’t need to spend $10,000+ for a new camera that does no more than the one you already own that we can upgrade for you!

Mydriatic Camera Adapters

Our iMACAM Digital Adapters are available to retro-fit the following TOPCON Mydriatic Retinal Cameras:

50EX, 50FX

Non-Mydriatic Camera Adapters

Our iMACAM Digital Adapters are available to retro-fit the following Non-Mydriatic Retinal Cameras:

Canon: CR-5, CR-6, DGi
Topcon: NW-6

Need a camera for your adapter or even a full retinal camera?

We have those too! Contact us today to see how iMACAM is your total Ophthalmic Technology Solution!

Photo Slit Lamps

At iMACAM, we ensure our ability to meet any need you may have with your Ophthalmic Hardware. We not only offer digital upgrades for your existing digital and 35mm slit lamps, but we also offer our own P-66 Photo Flash Slit Lamp custom designed just for us. 

Slit Lamp Digital Upgrades

Our upgrade package for your current digital or 35mm slit lamp consists of our iMACAM database imaging software, a beam splitter, a Canon digital camera & digital relay lens, a background illuminator, a footswitch (if needed), and a PC or Laptop can be purchased from us or provided by you. Call with your make and model! 


Eligible 35mm Models: Topcon SL-5D, SL-6E, SL-7E & Nikon FS-3

Contact us today for your NEW or UPGRADED Digital Photo Slit Lamps!


Along with our adapters and slit lamps, we also offer a number of accessories for your hardware to help you get up, running, and optimizing your work areas. From computers to stools, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered here at iMACAM!

Electric Tables, Carts, and Mounts

We offer electric instrument tables for one or more instruments and we are able to modify or upgrade your existing tables! For mobile solutions, we offer equipment carts to make transporting your equipment from one area of the office to another an ease!

No matter if your stationary or mobile, you’ll also need somewhere to keep you computers and other hardware! We have wide range of PC, Monitor, and Equipment mounts to keep everything safe and secure where you need it.

Computer Packages

We offer a wide variety of PCs and Laptops depending on what your needs may be. If needed, we are also able to assist your IT staff in setting up a computer you already have on hand should that be the direction you would like to go. 

Stereo Viewers

We offer a variety of stereo viewers to help in the diagnosis of glaucoma. All of our digital systems can take stereo photos and our iMACAM software can present and save these stereo pairs for future comparison.

Camera Upgrades

If your budget allows, upgrading your digital camera may offer greater detail. We offer a wide selection of Megapixel Canon cameras for all our imaging systems. Our standard camera is the 10.2-15 megapixel Rebel series. 

2X Teleconverter

The 2X converter effectively makes our 45 degree photo a 22.5 degree photo. This additional OPTICALmaginifcation can be useful in anterior segment documentation as well as macula and optic nerve photography.


We offer Ergostools Pneumatic Operators Stools at an amazing price. These stools are a must-have in your office!

No matter what accessories you need, contact us today and we'll make sure you're taken care of!